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United States of America, Maryland:
Constitution (1776)
Amendment of 1825 (1 of 4)
Horst Dippel, University of Kassel, Germany

Title of original document:An act to repeal an act entitled, An act to alter, change and repeal such parts of the constitution and form of government of this state, as relate to the division of Allegany county, into eight separate election districts, passed at December Session, eighteen hundred and sixteen, and confirmed at December Session, eighteen hundred and seventeen
Subject:United States of America -- Maryland (State) -- Constitutional Amendment -- 1825
Source:Laws Made and Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, at a Session Begun and Held at the City of Annapolis, on Monday the Sixth Day of December, Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-Four. Published by Authority, Annapolis : J. Hughes, 1824, ch. 67, p. 43-44.
Document courtesy of:Archives of Maryland Online, Maryland State Archives
Persistent url of this electronic image set:http://modern-constitutions.de/US-MD-1776-11-08-en-a-1825-1-i.html

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