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From this page, you can access all constitutional documents brought online to date by browsing through our collection. You can select from the following lists:
  • By the country‘s proper historical name (Country list).
  • By the proper historical name of sub-national units -- roughly an equivalent to modern states of a country (Sub-national list).
  • By the year of adoption of the constitutional document (if adopted) or when drafted (failed documents) (Chronological list).
  • By a standardized English-language title (Title list).
Amendments are listed under the heading of the constitution to which they belong.

Please note that documents may have originally been written or issued in more than one official language, but they are always listed as one single entry here. Thus, it is only possible to jump to the starting page for the first official language of each document. From there, you may check other languages as well.

All lists are created dynamically to reflect the current state of our document collection.

You can also access our collection by performing various search operations that can be found under Search in the top menu.